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  FOX News    Hannity  

    February 25, 2014
    7:00 - 8:01pm PST  

we promised you an update on the little sister. we'll have it for you tomorrow. welcome to hannity, we have a jam packed edition of the show. america, are you ready? let's roll. >> on the left. >> i'd much rather spend the money on food stamps than a strong military. >> what exactly are president obama's priorities? continuing reaction to his decision to gut the military. >> that brings me to my first question. >> oh, boy, here we go. >> and anund of ask sean coming your way, you ask, i answer. >> i never trust her. in fact.
is fallon fair and balanced? or is the new tonight show a safe haven for the left? >> the truth is, young people are knuckle heads. >> yesterday's announcement by the administration to gut america's military is bringing concern. chuck hagel brought a proposal to shrink the army to pre-wwii size. the cuts were dangerous, devastating and over the top. he also slammed president obama for the decision. >> i think the whole thing is not driven by any change or circumstance. it's driven by budget cut considerations. he'd much rather spend the money on food stamps than he would the military or support for our troops. >> back with more is ralph
peters. also with us, co-host of the 5 about bob beckel. preworld war ii, 78 years, really? is this dangerous for our men and women in uniform? >> well, basically, this is a political budget. it's not a military or strategic budget. and to that end, it cuts muscle to preserve fat. it punishes the troops to reward fat cat defense contractors who sell the taxpayers -- i'm getting a little tired of hearing that inaccurate comment about going back to preworld war ii levels in 1940. it's worse than that. if we go back to the 440 -- or 450,000 troops we had in 1940. in 1940, an infantry division had a much smaller tail. less overhead, fewer systems to be maintained, smaller staffs. that division put a lot of rifle
men up front. today a division equivalent. the bringing aids, they have this incredible and important tail, technical infrastructure. it puts fewer rifle men up front. if you go down to 440,000 or lower, you're going to have an army that not only is unready and incapable of fighting any major wars, and even strain -- >> are the pentagon officials -- >> let me just say, it's going to have 100,000 shooters in that army. >> officials said yesterday they're assuming more risks and they're acknowledging more troops would probably die, that's what the pentagon said yesterday, as per the new york times. >> let me first of all say i want to agree with the colonel on the fact that this budget rewards unnecessary fat cat contractors around the beltway in washington, d.c..
they are building things in the military like tanks, for example. when was the last time we had a tank battle? by the way, i'm sure you -- i'm sure you're versed on this quite well. by my reckoning, there was 193,000 in the military in the late 1930s. the ramp up, going into the second world war, did get it up over 400,000, it was nowhere near that. we had to build up to that. >> and a lot of soldiers died because they weren't properly trained and equipped. >> that's my point. you're saying if this was something that was -- they're taking it down drastically, it's not preworld war ii. i do agree with you that they do not concentrate enough on the troops. they concentrate on ridiculous things, we don't need a 600 boat navy any por. we don't need -- >> 300, 300. >> we don't need another flat top aircraft carrier, we don't need it, unless we want to patrol the world. if we want to do that, if we're
smart we'll come home and take care of our own shores. >> i certainly want a powerful u.s. military. a capable one. because we are the last bastion, the last guardians of freedom. however, i want it coherent, i want it responsible to the taxpayer. i want systems that the troops can really use, and i agree with many of the points paul made, the f-22 was supposed to cure cancer. $350 million each. we've had it for ten years, as near as i can tell, it's never flown a single combat mission that would engage an enemy. we have carriers that are wonderful tools for showing the force, they couldn't survive in a war with china. >> let me ask you this question, the pentagon -- i refer back to the new york times from today. they assume more risk now, they acknowledge that meant more of these troops would die, and chuck hagel said the following, it means we're entering an area where american dominance in the seas and the sky and space can no longer be taken for granted. why does that -- why do i
interpret that to mean, we're not going to be the dominant military force on the face of the earth, season the there going to be some other country likely not as friendly to freedom? that fills that void? >> yeah, well, you know, i don't necessarily like it. to an extent we are the world's policemen. we have to pick which marital stats we get in the middle of. we need a global capability. even though i'm here saying the army is going to be too small. we're going to cut the troops we've had in our history, i'm a believer that this is primarily a maritime mission. 400 years ago, sir walter raleigh said he who controls the oceans controls the world. in a war with china, that's the big elephant in the room that nobody is talking about. if you have to fight china, the only way to fight it is control the seas and our navy won't be able to do that. >> the british learned the lesson about controlling the seas too, and they became the country that -- where the sun
never sets. one that barely goes over the sky in london. i agree with a lot of what you're saying here, we do -- there's a thousand generals and admirals in the military. we don't have any -- they don't have a row boat for some of these admirals, why do we need to have this top heavy officer corps when we don't need them. i con the agree with you more about china except this. when sean says we're not going to be the predominant -- >> chuck hagel said it. >> all right, whoever said it, we spend more money on our military than russia, china and iran combined by two. now, who in the world is going to take over our lead. >> well, the chinese. >> go ahead, it's how you spend it. the chinese spend it a lot more efficiently. the wiest in the way we do defense acquisition and contracting. basically, we pay a big defense
contractor to build a system. if it doesn't work as advertised, we pay the contractor to fix it. >> if we don't dominate the seas, the sky and space and we can't take that for granted, i shutter to think who fills that void. >> this massive waste. >> of course, there's waste, fraud and abuse, the government runs it efficiently. >> why we should do away, with a lot of these agreements we have. these guys haven't produced on time, they don't bring their -- something they do bring to the forefront isn't used. >> coming up next, hoss speaker john boehner had time with the president today, and the liberal media. but he doesn't have time to come on this program, we'll ask why. rand paul is here with analysis of the speaker's schedule and his leadership and much more. tonight, this week's edition of asksean is back.
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a lot about. >> right, when i'm traveling around the country i keep asking people, leno's trying to get me on the show, what do you think? guess what, there are people out there that actually like you. >> oh, well thank you, thank you. >> someone who will join us on the show is rand paul. senator, how are you? >> very good, sean. thanks for having me. >> i see something missing from the republican party. i see you and i see mike lee and ted cruz and marco. in the senate, you guys are taking bold stands and even going up against your leadership a lot of times, i don't see that -- i wouldn't envision the house would be like really boldly pushing conservative ideas. i don't see them doing that. and i'd like an answer from speaker boehner, why would he
give a clean debt ceiling to obama? >> i think the debt ceiling is a big issue. when i go home, everyone i meet says you cannot pass the debt ceiling without having a spending constraint. you can't do that, you can't give the president a blank check. really, i think it was a huge mistake, and it devalues what we stand for, to say we're going to give you an unlimited amount of money to spend. for a period of time. >> do you think that the average person in the country knows that if the republicans came back in power in the house and senate, what their agenda would be? because i don't think they do. >> well, you know, i think we're having some growing pains as a party, and the republican party will struggle. i've seen this since i was a kid. i was there in 1976 when reagan came forward and everybody said, you know, you need to sit down and wait your turn, he didn't. but ultimately his message became the republican message. that's what we're going through now.
we lost a couple presidential elections, and we're going to have some growing pains until we find our voice. and some of us hope that voice will be from limited government and maximal freedom, we'll see. >> is there hostility in the leadership to the tea party? it certainly seems to be. >> you know, i find that -- of course, everybody likes me. i get along with everybody, we have no -- >> everybody likes you? >> i like -- >> we're not going to name all of them on the air, we don't have a long time here, sean. i try to get along, i think there are different segments of the party, you try to put forward ideas, the people who become leaders in the party have the best ideas. we're adults, we do have some agreements. but i would say that none of it do i see as something that's insurmountable. we have the best ideas. obama care is such a disaster. all of the spending and the debt is such a disaster, i think in 2014, voters are going to come
out and repudiate the president and repudiate his policies. >> maybe i'm naive, maybe i envision the alternative party as having a pretty bold agenda and that there's a way to bridge the gap. because i would think every republican should be for a balanced budget. the republican would be for opening up energy drilling, tracking, natural gas all around the country. i would think they would be for health care savings accounts, controlling the border. there seems to be four or five things that the republicans ought to sit down, agree on and say, we'll do this if we get elected. i don't see a -- i don't see a single message coming out of republicans that says, we'll do this united if we're elected. >> but i think the things you just listed we all are united for, i think sometimes we're not doing a good enough job presenting that message to the people. and presenting it in a way that
resonates with the people. but it's not that we disagree on any of things you just said. the one thing i would add to it is, is that we also care about growing the economy and creating jobs, and the way we would do it is by leaving more money at lomb. leaving more money in kentucky, in texas, in the hands of those who earn it, and that would be a stimulus that would work. and that we need to show that against a contrary distinction to the president's policies which haven't been creating jobs. >> you've been outspoken against bill clinton of late. i think -- wasn't clinton in kentucky today? >> yeah, but i think the democrats mistake bill clinton's popularity. we have a lot of conservative democrats in our state who go to church each week and who don't approve of his behavior, what he's done with women, sexual harassment in the workplace, a lot of democrats in our state don't approve of that kind of behavior. i think really having him as
some sort of role model for the democratic party, it's something they ought to rethink, because there are a lot of people who don't agree with those kind of values. >> do you think that would be a big enough issue? do you think that would be a big issue if hillary runs for president? let's say you run for president, would you make it a big issue? >> i don't think bill clinton is so much an issue, his behavior and the way he's treated women through the years, it's really an issue about whether you want him as a role model and whether you want him as the leader in your party. it doesn't directly reflect on hillary, it's hard to escape the association and he's a big fund-raiser. i think like alison grimes and our state is running for senate, i would return anybody that would associated with bill clinton, i think he's a bad role model for the workplace, for women's rights for all of that. and i think really, frankly, they ought to be a little embarrassed to be associated or being seen with him. >> where are you now with the surgeon general filibuster?
>> we are asking harry reid to withdraw his nomination. the surgeon general is a position where you can promote things like healthy lifestyle, no smoking. not being obese, trying to eat healthy. that kind of thing. but being someone who's going to come in and politicize it and make it, he was the head of doctors for obama who every other word that comes out of his mouth, is something condemning gun owners, the nra. i think to politicize the surgeon general position is a big mistake. >> if they don't? >> we'll do what we can to filibuster it, you realize harry reid destroyed the filibuster, there is no filibuster, when he took over and broke the rules last year, to change the rules, he got rid of the filibuster on nominations, so we can object, we can vote against him, we can tell the public that we don't think it's a good idea to politicize the position of surgeon general. ultimately he will have the
power to roll over us, because the senate operates under the iron fisted rule of one man, harry reid, what he says is what goes. there's been four votes that republicans were interested in in the last six months. harry reid rules the place. >> thank you very much. coming up next, ask me any question you want. taki dagen is back. she says she has something that's going to embarrass me. it's a hannity showdown, the fcc wants to monitor the fox news channel. you don't want to miss it. that's straight ahead. know that if you wear a partial, you're almost twice as likely to lose your supporting teeth? try poligrip for partials. poligrip helps minimize stress which may damage supporting teeth by stabilizing your partial. care for your partial. help protect your natural teeth.
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welcome back to hannity, you've been posting you're questions for me all day using the #asksean. now it's time for some answers. here with the questions which i have not seen yet from imus' show. can't say anything bad. >> he was writing me cranky e-mails all day. >> i'm sure you were giving it right back to him. >> we love cranky. he writes the best e-mails in
the world. >> yes, he does. you ready to get going? >> you seem too giddy about this. >> let's start with something you will recognize from last night, take a look. >> i've advocated until i'm sick of it, that the republicans ought to speak up and say what it is specifically and so on. as far as getting yourself blamed for a shutdown of the government when you're not going to accomplish anything by it, that -- obama care was not scratched by this filibuster. all that happened was people blamed the republicans for shutting down the government. >> donald smith wants to know did thomas comment the republicans should avoid fights they can't win get you to change your support for snor cruz or the tea party? >> i am annoyed with the republican party to this end. ronald reagan said in 1975, he
said that -- is it -- hen does the want a watered down second party. he said, is it a third party we need? no, it's a revitalized second party, with no pale pastels but bold colored differences. you ask most americans right now what the republican party stands for they cannot distinguish between the democrats, they're offering no alternative, no vision. i try to lead the way on my website, i have conservative solutions, i'm like fight to balance the budget. i'm the party that's going to stop robbing from future generations, we're the party that's going to institutionalize north dakota. >> are you going to come together and get something done or be divisive. >> they gave obama a blank check for a year, because they're afraid to fight. i don't want a party that's too afraid to fight. >> you don't think that was good political strategy? >> no, i don't. i think it was weakness.
the only thing they care about is good power. good policy is good politics. and if the party that says we're going to balance the budget, we're going to create jobs, control the borders, give you your own health care savings account, if they articulate that vision, say elect us and we'll do, then do it, that's good politics and they'll get re-elected. >> to that point, the next question do you ever get sick of politics? >> does it look like it? no. >> even if it's -- >> the hardest time that i think was after this most recent presidential election. because literally everybody i met said they had had enough, they weren't watching, they weren't listening, they were just disengaged for about five months. >> you get sick when people stop caring? >> yes. i don't think enough people care. but here's the thing that i don't understand. i don't understand people care
more about the kardashians or honey boo boo fan they do about -- >> because it lets them turn their brains off. >> do they ever turn their brain on? >> well, they're getting -- >> they turn their brain on -- >> watching the kardashians, some people are getting something turned on. >> take a look at a little snip et of -- you're familiar with this. >> i believe i will rise again. we will build things. build families, and build dreams. >> mike rowe, i am a factory. how is that walmart ad controversial. >> it shouldn't be. >> i don't understand this, you asked me once about all the other jobs i've done. i've washed dishes, delivered papers, bussed tables, waited tables, tended bar, layed tile, painted houses, hung wallpaper, framed houses. i did this my entire life.
i don't understand those people that don't want to work. work is good for your soul and heart and mind. >> why is this controversial. why does micro -- >> i have no idea. >> why is alec baldwin humping credit cards for capitol one and encouraging people to go into debt? >> don't go into debt, it's the dumbest thing you can do. if you can avoid it, don't go into debt. there was a point in my life for years, i had $200 in the bank. and i didn't go out to eat. i drove a $200 van, a $350 ford maverick, i didn't buy new cars and i lived within my budget. >> you could have done better than the maverick, though. >> what's wrong with the maverick. did you know i used to paint my own cars? >> we have two more questions, i have 30 seconds. >> is college the only way for kids to succeed zm. >> not the only. but i think it's important. education is important. i have learned more out of
college than i did in college. to be up on these issues, you have to study, and i study every day. i put my time in, look -- tell that to bill gates, any number of entrepreneurs, if you can do the job -- i know more people that teach broadcasting that couldn't fight their way past a microphone if their life depe depended on it. >> when you were working down south, did you talk like a yankee? >> i get to alabama and the first caller goes sean, how are you doing? i'm like, how are you doing? i'm sean from new york. want some coffee? >> you can't give me a little southern? >> how you all doing, good to see you. you all come back and see us. >> that's really bad. >> i like your southern ago accident. >> yeah, but i'm from the bronx. >> you're not from the bronx. >> no, of course not. >> where are you from? >> virginia.
>> the rural south. >> when did you start in broadcast? >> no, no, no, we have to go, we have to wrap, we have to move. this is not about me. >> i have baby pictures of sean, we'll get to them next week. >> go ahead, you -- >> you're such a poser. >> look at that. go ahead. sean, we got to go. >> no, we don't. >> go ahead. same hair. look. >> i went to catholic school. i think that was sixth grade. >> we'll have more next week. i promise you. going head to head, you don't want to miss this, the guy wants the fcc to monitor this show and fox news. and then, tonight -- >> is it all right if i kiss the vice president, say thank you. >> i'd love that. this is the most comfortable couch i've been on. >> other great american panel weighs in on that. time to set your dvr so you
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call or gonline to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your mication, astrazeneca may be able to help. welcome back to hannity. my next guest is a democrat running for congress, with hopes of unseating eric cantor of virginia. his main tactic appears to be to tweet fox news. he recently tweeted, fox news does nothing but tell lies and mistruths. they have unqualified political analysts, we need the fcc to monitor and regulate them. joining me now mike dickinson. fox news does nothing at all but tell lies and mistruths. >> that's exactly the truth. you guys at fox news. >> all day long, 24 hours a day seven days a week. we do nothing but tell lies.
all we've ever done is tell lies. >> you tell lies, you distort the truth, you promote hate. >> how do we promote hate 1234. >> well, let's talk about -- >> i asked you a question. how do we promote hate? >> i'm going to tell you how you promote hate. let's obama for a moment. >> the president. >> all you do on your show is -- >> all you do on your show is -- you keep saying, broad, sweeping. we have shows 24/7, we've never told the truth on the air, ever? we never tell the truth. >> i'm ready to answer your question if you would calm down. >> i'm calm, i think you sound silly. >> i think you sound silly. but let's talk about how you distort the news. president obama, obama care, the affordable care act is not socialism. all you do on your show is call it obama care act this and the affordable care act that. >> did president obama promise
if you like your plan you can keep your plan? >> he did. >> and have people gotten their plans cancelled? >> they did, just like george w. bush stood on the aircraft carrier and said mission ago 34rished. >> he's been out of office six years. >> i'm talking about -- >> did he say, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor? >> he did say that. >> did he say the average family savings would be $2500 a year? >> he may have said that. >> the point is, he told lies and mrs. truths, the very criticism you have against us, and yet you support him. what does that make you? >> let me make my point. >> you sound like a hypocrite. >> well, so do you. >> let me make my point. >> go ahead. >> all right. all you do on your show. is promote obama care, you say this, that, and implying it's socialism. the american people i've talked to that don't understand what the affordable care act is about
is ridiculous. they all have this idea, it's socialism. they all have this idea it's big government. they all have this idea -- >> it is not. you can choose your own plan. >> you can choose your own plan, what about the people that got kicked off, they can't choose it, can they? >> they got kicked off of their plan, because the insurance companies are greedy. >> no, they got kicked off their plan because -- >> the anger should not be at president obama, the anger should be at these private businesses. >> the president didn't tell them the truth, because he said they could keep it. >> as with anything legislatively, there's going to be small errors that occur. >> small errors. >> 7 million people have lost their plan. >> and a great number of those is because the insurance company -- >> you're blaming the insurance company, the insurance company. but obama made the promise, did he not? he made the promise you can keep your plan. >> these businesses and insurance companies act correctly and do the right
thing. >> did he lie? >> the president when he promised america, if you like your plan you can keep it, period, he said. did he lie? >> no. >> did he tell a mistruth? >> no. >> okay. good luck to you. you're going to lose. i want to -- you're going to lose badly. good-bye. >> thank you. thank you, mr. hannity. >> coming up, the nfl is threatening to pull the super bowl from arizona if governor jan brewer signs a controversial bill. we'll tell you what the bill is and our great great american panel will weigh-in on this. he's no jay leno, has "the tonight show" under jimmy fallon's reign become a safe haven for the left? and i've got this runny nose. i better take something. truth is, sudafed pe pressure and pain won't treat all of your symptoms. really? alka seltzer plus severe sinus fights your tough sinus symptoms plus your runny nose. oh what a relief it is
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>> test >> test >> test test
welcome back to hannity, our fearless vice president crazy uncle joe biden took some time out of his busy schedule and stopped by "the view" earlier today. things between he and barbara got a little bit heated. >> you don't usually get this, mr. vice president. >> nobody remembers the vice president. >> am i allowed to kiss the vice president and say thank you? >> i'd love that. >> okay. >> this is the most comfortable couch i've ever been on. >> i don't want you to go home to jill with my lipstick on. >> season the that nice? >> i think i need to take a shower. i mean, come on, that was pretty awkward, wasn't it? >> i have to say, i disagree with joe biden on almost everything, but he's a likeable guy. he's the kind of guy i want to have a beer with. i hope he runs for office, i feel for president, i think it would be great television, and i
want to say to gop candidates, do these spots. these kinds of spots where you relate to people, people see the real person behind the candidate, the real person behind the politician, priceless, do these spots. >> i think that's good add vice. >> how can you not love him and barbara walters, i think, brings that out in him. >> barbara didn't kiss me when i was on the program. >> i'm sure if you had gone in for the kiss, she would have reciprocated. >> okay, so i go on "the view" and start going in for a kiss? >> she's the vice president, and it's her show, she can do whatever she wants. >> if she stays around. >> she's retiring, right? >> yes. >> probably means not. >> we have jesse waters out there, meets a surfer guy, who's living on welfare and living on lobster. life's good. watch this.
>> do you understand why people may not agree with your situation? >> it just depends, my job is a little cooler than your job. and people are a little more jealous than anything. the food stamps give me the opportunity to focus more on a career. you can't survive on a minimum wage job. >> you think you taking food stamps is contributing to that debt? because it is. >> do i have to apologize for the way the system's set up? >> i don't feel like i need to apologize for it, it's just the way the wording it seems like i'm getting kind of like -- the ruler on the hand, you know. >> this guy doesn't personify the problem. food stamps -- >> he doesn't? i see an able bodied guy who's more interested in his music than getting up and going to work like the rest of us. >> here in new york, dominicans go to the grocery store with
their food stamps and the barrels they ship back to the dominican republic are available at the grocery store. it's more palletable to use this surfer than it is to use people who really represent the problem here, it's not surfer guys. >> we always forget it's somebody else's money too. it's not like this money just grows on trees, that he's using. he seems to act like the government is providing it. i can focus on my music. >> yeah, that's my money, that's your money, that's someone else's money, there is no government money. >> i see an able bodied guy that ought to be working. >> capable young guy, very -- >> prepared to help 47 million americans on food stamps, should he be working? >> every single program that is out there, you're going to find someone gaming the system. >> should he be working? >> yes. he's despicable. but we cannot demonize food stamps and the children -- >> why not? >> who are dedepending on them.
>> they're overfed. there's enough food and enough clothes in america. we're full. >> absolutely not. talk to a hungry child. a mother who cannot afford -- >> i can't talk to them, they're too big. >> you're quietly privileged, you're not coming into contact with people who are hungry. >> a big problem when it comes to the food that they have access to in these stores that accept food stamps. there are a lot of -- >> i think there's a way to acknowledge -- >> there are hungry children. >> there's a fat pill. >> check out the work they're doing. >> there's a way to acknowledge people need these services, there are legitimate people who need access. and at the same time condemn able bodied 29-year-olds, and there are more than just him out there who feel entitled. we have an entitlement society right now. i can go practice my music or do this, and the government's going to help me out. let him get a part time job. >> do not say, we take away food
stamps. >> i'm not arguing that. you know what the real answer is, create an economic environment where we have jobs 37 and the best way we can do that is unleash energy in the country. the president won't allow that to happen because he's reduced leases by 50%. >> the >> ceos said we'd lose 500,000 jobs because of the incentive of obamacare subsidies. welfare and food stamps. >> moms depend on welfare, we need a family back. now you're going to have no more food stamps >> young and low skilled workers
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welcome back to "hannity" i yefr over "the tonight show" will he treat both sides fairly or will the show become a save haven for the left? . >> i want to talk to you about the affordable care act. is there a deadline? >> end of march. >> a lot of young people watch our show. would you like to tell me, a lot of people don't have money to spend. >> thanks to affordable care act, young people can stay on their parents' insurance until
26 but once they hit 26 they're on their own. a lot of young people think they're invincible. but the truth is that young people are knuckleheads you know? >> joining me is former producer for jay leno. >> thank you, sean. >> i miss the show a lot. jay, i don't understand the guy number one in ratings gets fired twice. how does that happen? >> well, i think what happens you have new ownership comes in, in this case, comcast took over nbc and decided from the beginning that their guy in late night was in the going to be jay leno. it's their toy to play with. they have every right. let's just hope they don't break the toy but they decided not to go with jay but to go with jimmy fal on. it's a very different direction oochl do you think we'll see jay in another capacity at this point?
>> i have a funny feeling that that might happen. we're led to believe jay is interested in doing stand up, which of course he s jay is interested in working on his cars which, of course he is, but jay leno was at the top of his game when he was fired for a second time. so i have a feeling that if an opportunity gives him a chance to do daily comedy, topical comedy, i think he'll seriously consider it. >> one of the reasons my objective analysis he was number one i think he was fair, an equal opportunity joke teller. took shots at whoever was in the news. i never sensed political agenda from him. and i think that that resonated in other 48 states besides new
york and california do you think fallon has that ability? do you think he's an equal opportunity guy like jay? >> i think it's hard to say at this point. but i must say in watching jimmy's first week on the air, he has one obama joke, and the punch line was joe biden. one republican joke about chris christie. so right now he almost appears to be a politico. i don't think he is. he made a choice not to be a political as jay. i believe jay, as you have implied brought a political sensibility to the show both in the monologue and having political guests that took it beyond what johnny carson was doing. >> do you remember michelle bachmann played and he play that
had song and later apologized for it? >> yes. i believe, i think... i think there is a danger that there could be problems stemming from that. the song you're referring to, i believe is lioness, b, i, t, c, h, i think there was an atmosphere it was okay. after michelle bachmann appeared we didn't see anymore republican presidential candidates. >> i miss him and i hope he comes back in whatever capacity he's happy w the show did great. it's one of the odd things that happens in tv. and i hope we see him back on the air, soon. >> thank you, sean. >> thank you for being with us. that is all the time we have
left tonight. before we go, set your dvr ask record "hannity" and we'll see you back here tomorrow night. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> this is about the president reducing american power. doing it consciously and systematically. >> but why? why would the commander and chief want to weaken american forces around the world? we will put that question to ambassador bolton tonight. >> i really do hope that we have a woman president in my lifetime. >> some say the country might not be ready for a female president. congresswoman michele bachmann puts forth that point of view this evening. >> also tonight are american children better off today than they were, say, auto years ago? john stossel